The cube trainee, now newly debuted solo artist, ex-produce101 and unpretty rap star contestant just made her highly anticipated debut after… forever?

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Kpop star 6 contestant and new Playback member Ma Eunjin just had her solo debut with the song I Understand.

The r&b ballad track features singer D.ear’s soft voice to accompany Eunjin’s dreamy tone. I was quite surprised when D.ear started singing because I thought he was a rapper. It’s nice to have a collaboration that doesn’t include any rap and just a simple harmony between a man and a woman. During the last chorus, the beat slightly picks up and Eunjin’s voice takes the lead in the harmony, a good thing since it’s her song.

The MV doesn’t include the male singer, but we do get some nice still cuts of Eunjin looking sad while her man is walking away. And the house is really pretty, but that has nothing to do with the music.


I’m really excited for Playback’s comeback and I’m sure they will serve us another bop like they did in 2015 – it’s literally been almost 2 years. The addition of Eunjin’s soft but fresh voice can only be a good thing for the group.