Another month has gone by and now July is officially over.

Laboum – Only U

Laboum came back with another bop, adding to their never ending list of perfect songs.


Favorite – Party Time

It took me a while before I actually started enjoying all the songs from this album, but now I can’t stop listening.


Zico (ft. G.Soul) – ANTI

Honestly, this song (and album too) is so good.


Geeks – Woo

I have been hyping this whole album since it came out but none of my friends seem like they will ever listen to this album. What a shame.


Turbo – Hot Sugar

This one is for my old men lovers out there. The 1995 trio (but duo, but trio?) came back with a song that sounds like it was stuck in the 90s with Mickey and Jeongnam while Jongkook proceeded into the 2000s. Maybe your favorite old man made a cameo in this MV?


Choerry (Loona) – Love Cherry Motion

Purple is my favorite color after all…


The Return

Girls’ Generation – Genie

I talked about this song with my friend while we were trying to find a song all of us liked. Genie did not make the cut but it’s still one of their best single.


The Trash

EXO – Ko Ko Bop

And this month’s trash is once again brought to you by SM entertainment! The reason? Jongin’s hair. The Jongin apologists are shaking.




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