The CNBLUE lead singer is back with new music and this album made me happy.


  1. 여자여자해 (That Girl) (Feat. 로꼬)
  2. 딱 붙어 (Closer)
  3. Password
  4. Navigation
  5. 대답하지 마 (Not Anymore)
  6. 널 잊는 시간 속 (Lost in Time)


The first track, That Girl, features rapper Loco. Who knew Yonghwa could speak so many languages? Korean, English AND Spanish? Loco’s rap really surprised me because it came earlier than I thought it would and MORE than once too! It was kind of offbeat, but it wasn’t unpleasing at all. This song is so catchy.

The MV was fun to watch and Yonghwa is pretty good looking if you ask me. He got an all-black band and he’s dancing? There’s lots of bright colors and the girls are really pretty. Wow King of speaking multiple languages, diversity, getting pretty girls, dancing, singing, fashion and playing instruments.


The second track, Closer, had an unexpected sound. I have to admit that I am not quite familiar with Yonghwa’s solo work and I didn’t know that was the sound he liked doing because it’s quite different from CNBLUE. The chorus of this song is so good! The beat picks up during the pre-chorus and it suddenly changes to an upbeat sound similar to what was displayed in the previous track.

The third track, Password, is a bop. He’s even singing Wow Wow Wow. I see we have a Junjin stan over here. I see you, Yonghwa. AND THE GRATATA OMG.

The fourth track, Navigation, has a really nice piano beginning. I believe he was the one playing it too? Correct me if I’m wrong! I really like this song because it’s slower than the others. It feels like a song you would listen to while driving and that’s the kind of music I like.

The fifth track, Not Anymore, had a weird old feel to it. I felt like this was a 1998 kpop intro omg. This song feels like a goodbye song – I don’t understand the lyrics but I’m guessing it has something to do with a breakup. I believe this should have been the last song on the album, but Lost In Time is also good so I don’t care that much.

The sixth track, Lost In Time, wowed me. He sang this song live and it was wow. Like honestly. He’s really talented and I wish I listened to his solo stuff before. His voice is so beautiful.

Jung Yonghwa an actual multi-talented legend? He’s an artist! This album is going in my to buy list.



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