And the 8 (but 9 really) boys of EXO are back with a new album.

I guess you can say they really are ready for war since they beat their past pre-order record of 660,000 albums. +800k album pre-order is kind of impressive if you ask me.


  1. 전야 (前夜) (The Eve)
  2. Ko Ko Bop
  3. What U do?
  4. Forever
  5. 다이아몬드 (Diamond)
  6. 너의 손짓 (Touch It)
  7. 소름 (Chill)
  8. 기억을 걷는 밤 (Walk On Memories)
  9. 내가 미쳐 (Going Crazy)


The first track, The Eve, is… sexy. Chanyeol is singing? Xiumin has lines? I’m body rolling? I did find the beat in the chorus a bit messy.

The second track, Kokobop, is an actual bop. But what does kokobop mean? As Baekhyun says, “I think I like it”. I kind of wish the chorus was a bit faster or had a different beat. And the actual beat sounds like a Melanie Martinez reject. People were saying that it’s “reggae”, but I didn’t really feel like it was? Maybe I’m just not familiar enough with the style… But I still like the song.

This MV is cancelled though. The Jongin apologists tried to blame SM but turns out he apparently asked for this hairstyle – as stated in the private version of the album. What’s bothering me the most is that Jongin is basically in every shot of this video – reinforcing the idea that this song is “reggae” – as if his hair was a music/fashion statement. Also thought the dance was quite messy.


The third track, What U Do?, had a good beginning with the guitar and the party-music-through-the-bathroom-door kind of feel. But the whole song sounds faded as if they spent the whole time in that bathroom. Bad memories from that one time I cried in the bath at a party…

The fourth track, Forever, could be my only star, but after Chen’s intro… It just sounded like a song that could be in geometry dash… The rap part was bad. They could have done better than this. The beat is so obnoxious.

The fifth track, Diamond, is what I call a WTF track. It starts slow and mysterious and the beat builds up to a somewhat deceiving rap and a boring chorus? Too bad because the beat was interesting. Maybe I’ll like it after listening a couple of time?

The sixth track, Touch It, reminds me of Love Me Right and Call Me Baby for some reason? Maybe because Sehun is just making random noises while Chanyeol is rapping?

The seventh track, Chill, is another geomotry dash song? The vocal runs sound artificial for some reason? The producer did so many things with their voices that you get lost in the galaxy of auto-tune. There was nothing actually chill about this song. It was more like the Netflix part of the Netflix and Chill. But a quickie Netflix…

The eighth track, Walk On Memories, had me thinking that it was a sad song for a moment. Did I expect a Promise 2.0? Yes. But this song was chiller than Chill and I’m not complaining about it. One of the only song I actually enjoyed on the first listen.

The ninth track, Going Crazy, had some crazy xylophone action going on. And the random violin too? Did they use all the sound samples they had on their mix board? I like the pre-chorus, but I don’t like the end of the chorus with the random robot noises or whatever you want to call them. I also enjoyed the rap – yes, even Sehun’s part.

When I saw my mutuals on twitter hyping this album up I thought it was going to be a masterpiece. I guess I just expected more substance, color, feel – call it whatever. Ultimately, I find this album deceiving. So many songs had that potential to be good but they’re ruined by the chorus or the annoying beat.

PS: Hopefully my girlfriend doesn’t hate me for this review… I think she actually liked the album, unlike myself.


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