The man is back with a new album – that does feature past releases, but he’s still back.


  1. 천재 (Behind the scene)
  2. Artist
  3. ANTI (Feat. G.Soul)
  5. She’s a Baby


The first track, Behind The Scene, is a simple intro to the album. The beat reminds me a bit of early 2000s hip-hop songs. The chorus is simple and Zico mostly focuses on the verses – which is not a surprise since he’s a rapper. The chorus is actually quite catchy.

The second track, Artist, is a Zico song, there’s no doubt about that. The beat slows down inn the pre-chorus and picks up some speed again during the actual chorus. The bridge is good. It’s a fun song.

And also a fun(?) MV? Honestly, what did I just watch? There’s a lot of colors and that just screams Zico. Yukwon is cancelled though. At least this isn’t something like the Yes Or No MV…


The third track, ANTI, features G.Soul who has recently been released from his dungeon. This track is a total opposite from Artist. It’s a darker song and it doesn’t follow a strict line like the previous track does. Zico’s rapping is slightly off-beat, but I’ve learned to enjoy that after listening to his other songs. G.Soul is a fucking man and his voice still wows me. The bridge is once again the highlight of the song. I definitely like this one better than Artist.

Now this MV had me just as confused as Artist, but this one also had a Eww factor. I mean, Zico eating that rotten apple with worms on it? Not for me!

The fourth track, Fanxy Child, featuring Fanxy child… So many Fanxy Child right now… Why not just say Dean, Zico and Crush. And it took me a while to realise that this is actually the Show Me The Money 6 producer cypher. I already knew I liked that cypher especially the part where Dean makes pancakes. I can’t complain about this song.

The fifth track, She’s A Baby, was previously released this year and it’s still just as good as it was back then. Probably one of my favorite Zico songs.

The sixth track, Bermuda Triangle, featuring Dean and Crush – basically Fanxy Child – was also already released. It’s also a good example of Zico rapping off-beat, the only thing that prevented me from liking this song when it first came out. But I got used to it now and it’s a bop.

I want a Jaehyo solo now please thank you 🙂



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