And the legend is BACK! Although the former FinKL member recently revealed that she only thinks of the other ex-members as coworkers, she at least follows them back on instagram – which is absolutely not important and has nothing to do with the review.


  1.  Seoul (Feat. Killagramz)
  2. Black
  3. White snake (Feat. Los)
  4. Unknown track (Feat. Absint)
  5. Love me (Feat. Killagramz)
  6. 비야내려
  7. Mute
  8. 예쁘다
  9. 변하지않는건 (Feat. Los)
  10. 다이아몬드 (With 이적)
  11. Seoul (inst.)
  12. Black (inst.)


The first track, Seoul, has the weirdest intro with some twinkle twinkle little star action going on. Lee Hyori’s voice is hypnotising and I don’t even mind the fact that the chorus of the song is basically just her repeating Seoul. Honestly, I feel like I’m high. There’s a lot of vocal silence and it’s pleasant. Killagramz’s part only comes at the end of the song and he did a better job here than in SMTM.

As for the MV, well it’s Hyori walking in Seoul and dancing beside a pond nothing special.


The second track, Black, has a kind of western-ish sound to it. I feel like it could be the background music for a car publicity. I actually really liked this song with the guitar and the drum.

The MV is cute because of the dog obviously. And he ends up finding water for her. Who’s a good boy? They also take a bath together. And someone steals her car but she’s too focused on dancing in the middle of nowhere.


The third track, White Snake, was one of my favorite. It’s similar to Seoul – lots of vocal breaks and it felt just as hypnotising. I literally feel like I’m the snake. Los’ rap is short and probably unnecessary. And there’s also a part in another language and it sounded like some demonic incantation.

The fourth track, Unknown Track, made me cringe at some parts. It’s a more vocal song and unfortunately, I’m not a big fan of Hyori’s voice. I’m more into her feel. That’s why I liked the rap part more than the rest of the song. Absint isn’t bad at all.

The fifth track, Love Me, once again features Killagramz. It’s a cute song with some tropical house beat that’s actually perfect to give the track a summer vibe. The rap part kinda breaks the summer vibe though, but I’m not really complaining.

The sixth track, 비야내려, is REALLY slow compared to the previous tracks. I have no idea what it’s about but it’s really calming. Hyori’s voice surprisingly didn’t annoy me – probably because she wasn’t pushing so much and she stayed in a register she’s comfortable with. The ending with the piano fading off into nothing was wow.

The seventh track, Mute, is probably my favorite track on the album. I can’t really explain why I like it so much. It was just a feel-good song without a heavy beat and it made me smile.

The eighth track, 예쁘다, had me body rolling the whole time, but that was it.

The ninth track, 변하지않는건, brought us back to the feeling the first tracks of the album had. It’s a good thing since that’s the actual feel of the whole album. And when you think the beat drop is going to hit, it’s actually Los’ rap about Toy Story and Barbie Dolls that hits you. A bit of a let down since there’s actually no drop at all, just a build up.

The tenth track, 다이아몬드, is once again a slower song with lots of violons and a piano. And also Lee Juck’s deep, deep voice. Their harmony was really good, but Lee Juck kind of stole Hyori’s light for this one.

This was a good album and I’m even considering buying it someday. I hope she won’t make us wait so long before she comes back with something else next time.


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