The new girl group recently debuted with their first mini album My Favorite. I remember seeing member Gaeul on Produce 101 and she was one of my favorite until she got eliminated. I’m glad to see her debut now.


  1. Hello
  2. Party Time
  3. My Day
  4. 온 힘을 다해



The first track, Hello, is a fun groovy song with lots of back vocals going on. All the girls have refreshing vocals. Now… I’m not sure if I like how the chorus is so different from the rest of the song. One of the best things about this song is the rap. The whole song reminds me a bit of something Oh My Girl’s A-Ing or Laboum’s Journey To Atlantis.

The second track, Party Time, is good. The heavy drum beat at the beginning is well paired with the cute vocals. And they use a silence just after the Shh. The musician in me was living. The contrast between the verses and the chorus is kind of disappointing though – as if the chorus was unfinished. But the rap part is also really good. Gaeul is doing a great job.

As for the MV… It just doesn’t match the song. The girls are guiding a blindfolded guy through the forest and dancing in circles – probably to summon a demon. The girls look really pretty, but there’s no connection between the actual song and the MV.


The third track, My Day, had a weird start for all the verses – as if they weren’t singing on the beat. The chorus sounds kind of retro-ish, but you lose that feel in the first part of the second chorus. The only thing that reminds you of something retro in the verses is the random Oh Oh’s thrown in here and there. Gaeul’s rap saved this song for me.

The fourth track, 온 힘을 다해, makes you think it’s slower than the others – with a soft chorus and the violin playing. And the chorus isn’t that much faster than the rest of the song, but the tempo does pick up a bit of speed. It’s a Lovelyz-ish kind of song, but it’s not that great – and there’s no rap to save the song.

Did I expect more? Yes. But I will definitely try to keep up with them and their future releases. I heard good thing about member Ara and I already love Gaeul so.



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