Today marks the last day of June and with that comes some of my favorite songs released this month – and maybe some oldies too.

Bewhy – Scar

I would recommend turning on the CCs for this song and all that’s left is to enjoy.


Stella Jang – 소녀시대

This is a nice upbeat track and her vocals are just shining throughout the whole thing. It’s actually a funny song about how she’s just a simple girl and she could never be a member of Girl’s Generation. Check out the rest of her stuff!


Jinsoul (Loona) – Singing In The Rain

I enjoyed this song a lot more than I enjoyed Eclipse by Kim Lip. The beat is more interesting and there’s more to it.


Monsta X – Gravity

I liked this song more than Shine Forever because it was more chill and I feel like this is a song I could listen to everyday.


Nick&Sammy – Baby You Love Me

This is just a feel good song.


South Club – LIAR

Nam Taehyun’s band South Club just dropped many MVs and I liked all of them so here’s one.


The Return

Super Junior-M – Swings

We love us a classic am I right?

The Trash

Henry ft. Nafla – I’m Good

How many people can culturally appropriate black culture in one room? Just ask Henry I think he knows.



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