The girls are back with yet another mini album and fans are not disappointed. I’ve never been a big fan of Apink but I definitely did enjoy their last album Dear.


  1. FIVE
  2. 콕콕(KocKoc)
  3. Eyes
  4. 좋아요!(I Like It!)
  5. Evergreen
  6. Always
  7. FIVE (inst.)

The first track, FIVE, is the only one that I didn’t particularly enjoy, mostly because of the similarities with LUV – especially in the chorus when they’re counting up to 5. The beat is really close to their 2014 title track LUV.

As for the MV… oh my fudge they all looked so cute but that’s all I really have to say about it.

The second track, 콕콕, has an interesting beat and although I have no idea what Koc Koc is supposed to mean, I liked the song. The rap wasn’t bad at all and I liked the fact that it was placed more towards the end of the song. And Eunji’s vocals were on point!

The third track, Eyes, is THAT song. It’s a princess song and it made me feel like I was one. It honestly does sound like a song that could be in a Disney movie. You know how these type of songs usually start out sad and then build up to a happy ending? Well, Eyes was like that. And I’ve watched the live of this song. It felt like this song was for Naeun because she looked so shy on stage it was cute.

The fourth track, 좋아요! is the song that should have been the title track. No offence to FIVE, but this is far better and even cuter than FIVE. And the old men in Korea would love this song too.

The fifth track, Evergreen, was quite unexpected. Remember what I said about Eyes being a princess song? Well, Evergreen also is one. It’s the song that plays when the girl and the prince (or another princess because who doesn’t want a lesbian princess movie?) have to part ways. But don’t worry they’ll find each other again.

NEWS FLASH!! The sixth track, Always, is the song where the prince and the princess find each other again and they live happily ever after. The guitar beat that supports the vocals throughout the song is a clear indicator that this is a happy ending to the album.

I’m looking forward to more Apink stuff!



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