Summer is at our door and the kpop scene is showing it well. We’re back with some tropical-sounding music and songs are bound to compete for the spot of “song of the summer”. Anyone interested in knowing who won the spot for me? Get ready because there’s A LOT!

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Well, there goes April! This means I have 2 weeks left of college and I’ll be able to review albums and singles again! So far, April was definitely the month with the most releases that I liked which honestly surprised me a lot. However, only one girl group release made it on my list so I hope the ladies step up their game in may…

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In the past 12 months, girl groups and female soloists have been coming out with new music. In this list, I will name one song per month – maybe 2 – and I will link my reviews (if I did one). I wish I had time to do more reviews than I did in this past year, but here are the songs I listened to the most in 2017!

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Update: December reviews

Hello to anyone who still reads this blog…

For December I decided to do something special and hopefully it will work. I’ll take suggestions from anyone and will review any songs given to me (that I haven’t reviewed yet). I will publish my reviews as soon as I finish them.

Also, by December 31st, I should have my yearly faves. Last year I made a 25 faves list with soloists, boy groups and girl groups. This year, I’ll change it up a little bit and make a post with a girl groups/female soloists song for each month and same for the boy groups/male soloists.

Hopefully you stay tuned for that!

See y’all soon xx